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Stafford County Sheriff's Office

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Ford T. Humphrey Building

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 189
Stafford, VA 22555

Physical Address:
1225 Courthouse Rd.
Stafford, VA 22554


Stafford Alert


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11/12/2019 Suspect behind String of Residential Burglaries Arrested
11/11/2019 Stafford Veteran Performs Act of Kindness for Fellow Veteran
11/10/2019 Woman Arrested in Stafford for Attempted Murder
11/05/2019 Suspect Arrested after Shooting at Man in Exxon Station Parking Lot
11/04/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Searching for Missing Person
11/02/2019 Stafford Sheriff Recognizes Ferry Farm Elementary Student
11/01/2019 Three Juveniles Struck by Vehicle in Crosswalk
10/31/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Increases Halloween Patrols
10/30/2019 UPDATED: Runaway Located
10/28/2019 Suspect Arrested after Attempting to Strike LEO with Vehicle during Pursuit
10/25/2019 Road Closures This Weekend
10/17/2019 Suspect Arrested following Domestic Incident in Stafford
10/16/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
10/15/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
10/14/2019 Suspect Arrested following Disturbance with a Weapon
10/11/2019 Road Closures Alert
10/10/2019 Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Helps Find Missing Juvenile
10/08/2019 Suspect Behind Stafford County Burglaries Arrested
10/07/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Death after Body Found
10/04/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Reunites California Resident with Missing Wallet
10/03/2019 Suspect Arrested for Impersonating Law Enforcement
10/01/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Tapped by State Officials to Lead Regional Drone Workshop
09/30/2019 DUI Suspect Arrested After Driving on Railroad Tracks
09/30/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
09/26/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Incident at Bus Stop
09/26/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating School Bus Incident
09/24/2019 Suspect behind Residential Burglaries in Stafford Arrested
09/23/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Methamphetamine Dealer
09/20/2019 Suspect Arrested After Shooting Vehicle with BB Gun
09/18/2019 Community Member Alerts Sheriff's Office to Missing Person
09/18/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect following Pursuit
09/16/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Mourns Loss of K9 Steel
09/13/2019 Suspect Apprehended for DUI and Motor Vehicle Theft
09/13/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit Receives Technology Award
09/12/2019 Suspect Arrested following Domestic Situation Involving a Weapon
09/10/2019 Happening Now: Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Stabbing
09/09/2019 Suspect Arrested for Assault and Stealing a Vehicle
09/05/2019 Driver Arrested After Striking 12-Year-Old on Bicycle
09/04/2019 Suspect Arrested for Attempted Assault on LEO following Altercation at Local Motel
09/03/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Running Red Light on Garrisonville Road
09/03/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Robbery Suspects
08/31/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect behind Attempted Sexual Assault
08/30/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Commends First Sergeant's Kind Actions
08/28/2019 Multiple DUI Suspects Arrested During “Saturation Saturday” Campaign
08/23/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Tractor Trailer Crash
08/23/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Partners with MADD For Saturation Saturday Campaign
08/21/2019 Sheriff Decatur Recognizes Good Samaritans Who Aided Injured Pedestrian
08/20/2019 Three Juvenile Suspects behind Five Twelve Homicide Arrested
08/20/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
08/20/2019 Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Homeland Security Equipment Request -JAG Grant Proposal 2019-Project Abstract
08/20/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Increasing Red Light Enforcement on Garrisonville Road
08/19/2019 Suspect Arrested on Drug Charges Following Traffic Stop and Foot Pursuit
08/16/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Responds to Incident at Stafford High School
08/15/2019 Suspect Behind Cannon Ridge Golf Club Vandalism Arrested
08/14/2019 Suspect Arrested after Stealing PlayStation and Fleeing Scene on Bicycle
08/14/2019 Suspect Arrested for Grand Larceny, Eluding Following Pursuit
08/11/2019 UPDATE: Missing Person Located
08/08/2019 Juvenile Suspect Apprehended for Brandishing a Stolen Firearm
08/07/2019 Local Pharmacist Assists in Arrest of Suspect Behind Prescription Fraud
08/06/2019 Suspect Arrested after Urinating on Mailbox
08/04/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Double Shooting
08/01/2019 Suspect behind Burglaries at Local Businesses Apprehended
07/30/2019 Suspects behind Breaking and Entering Arrested
07/30/2019 Update: Runaway Located
07/30/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
07/29/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Equipped with Lifesaving Tools and Training
07/29/2019 Suspects Arrested Following Shooting in Stafford County
07/27/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Shooting
07/26/2019 Suspect Arrested following Carjacking in Stafford County
07/25/2019 Suspect Arrested for Assault on LEO following Auto Accident
07/22/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Wanted Suspect following Pursuit
07/21/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Homicide Suspect
07/17/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Fatal Auto Accident
07/15/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Methamphetamine Dealer
07/15/2019 Felony Hit and Run Suspect Apprehended Following Disturbance
07/08/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Lottery Ticket Theft
07/04/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Murder and Attempted Murder
07/03/2019 Two Suspects Behind 7-Eleven Robbery in Stafford Arrested
07/02/2019 UPDATE: Missing Person Located
07/02/2019 Update: Runaway Located
07/02/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Vehicle Found Stopped in Roadway
07/01/2019 Stafford K9 Unit Locates Missing Person
07/01/2019 UPDATE: Missing Person Located
06/28/2019 Meet A Deputy: A Busy Weekend for a New Deputy in Field Training
06/28/2019 Suspects Behind Theft of Donation Bin Arrested
06/27/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
06/25/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Robbery Suspects
06/24/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Seeks Assistance Identifying Suspects behind Donation Bin Larceny
06/20/2019 Sheriff Decatur Recognizes Community Member's Act of Kindness
06/20/2019 UPDATED: Runaway Located
06/19/2019 Intoxicated Suspect Arrested for Assault on LEO at Stafford Marketplace
06/18/2019 UPDATE: Runaway Located
06/13/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Joins Ring’s Neighbors App
06/13/2019 Suspect Behind 2017 Home Invasion in Stafford Arrested
06/10/2019 Suspects Arrested following Disturbance with a Weapon
06/06/2019 UPDATED: Missing Person Located
06/05/2019 SCAM ALERT
06/04/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI, Assault on LEO following Brief Pursuit
06/03/2019 Suspect Assaults Law Enforcement Following Domestic Incident
05/29/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Driving on Wrong Side of Road in Stafford
05/28/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Suspects Behind 7-Eleven Robbery
05/24/2019 Suspect behind Pursuit Arrested for Destruction of Property
05/23/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect Following Pursuit
05/20/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Driving on Wrong Side of Road
05/16/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Fake Psychologist
05/15/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Vandalism Incident
05/14/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Burglary Suspect
05/09/2019 Suspect Charged after Stealing Generators from Home Depot
05/08/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Searching for Burglary Suspect
05/06/2019 Suspects Behind Assault with a Firearm Arrested
05/06/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Searching for Missing Person
05/02/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect behind Robbery at Local Hotel
05/02/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Suspicious Incident at Bus Stop
05/01/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Warns of Scammers Posing as Law Enforcement
04/30/2019 Response to Auto Accident Yields DUI Arrest
04/29/2019 Wanted Suspect Arrested after Providing False ID to Law Enforcement
04/26/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Uncovers Prostitution Ring
04/25/2019 Couple Arrested on DUI, Drug Charges in Stafford County
04/23/2019 Stafford K-9 Unit Receives VPCA Patrol Case of the Year Award
04/18/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Murder-Suicide
04/17/2019 Suspect Arrested after Breaking into Elementary School during Spring Break
04/16/2019 Suspect Arrested after Striking Vehicle with Hammer
04/15/2019 Elderly Woman Dies after Tree Falls on Residence
04/15/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office to Celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
04/15/2019 Unknown Medical Emergency Call Results in Drug, DUI Arrests
04/12/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Warns of Gift Card Scams
04/11/2019 Suspect Charged with DUI after Taking Vehicle and Striking Water Pump
04/09/2019 Missing Person in Stafford County Safely Located
04/08/2019 Suspect Arrested After Assaulting Man in Restroom
04/05/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Reports of a Suspicious Person who Approached Children at Bus Stop
04/05/2019 Naked Woman Arrested after Breaking into Daycare Off-Hours
04/04/2019 Suspect in Domestic Incident Arrested Following Pursuit
04/03/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI After Vehicle Found in Ditch
04/01/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI Following Hit and Run
03/29/2019 Suspects behind Stafford Cell Phone Larcenies Arrested
03/29/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Bicycle Accident
03/28/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect on Embezzlement Charges
03/25/2019 Shoplifting Incident Leads to Arrest of Wanted Suspects
03/21/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Suspect for DUI after Hitting Sign
03/19/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Suspects behind Larcenies
03/15/2019 Body of Missing Person Found in the Rappahannock River
03/14/2019 UPDATED: Stafford Sheriff’s Office Releases Update on Homicide Investigation
03/13/2019 Wanted Suspect Arrested Following Disturbance at Local Motel
03/12/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Apprehends Larceny Suspects
03/11/2019 K9 Unit Apprehends Suspect Who Crashed into Police Cruiser
03/08/2019 UPDATED: Stafford Sheriff's Office Locates Runaway
03/05/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Drinking Boxed Wine at Target
03/04/2019 Multiple Suspects Arrested Following Disturbance at Local Hotel
03/01/2019 Suspects Arrested on Drug Charges Following Traffic Stop in Stafford
02/26/2019 Suspects Arrested after Disturbance at Wawa
02/21/2019 Auto Accident with Injury in Stafford Leads to DUI Arrest
02/20/2019 Suspect Arrested after Brandishing Weapon during Road Rage Incident
02/19/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Shots Fired in Foxwood Village Area
02/15/2019 Suspect behind Burglaries at Local Businesses Arrested
02/14/2019 Suspect Arrested for Soliciting a Minor for Prostitution
02/14/2019 Juvenile Suspect Apprehended after Stealing a Vehicle in Stafford
02/13/2019 Wanted Suspect Switches Seats in Vehicle to Avoid Arrest
02/12/2019 Suspect Charged with DUI after Hitting Mailbox
02/11/2019 Suspects Arrested after Attempting to Break into a House with an Ax
02/08/2019 Wanted Suspect behind Pursuit in Stafford County Arrested
02/07/2019 Intoxicated Suspect Drives Vehicle into Drainage Pond in Stafford
02/06/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI in Stafford County
02/05/2019 Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Threat
02/05/2019 UPDATED: Missing Endangered Person Located by the Stafford County Sheriff's Office
02/04/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Searching for Suspect behind Pursuit
01/30/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Vehicle Tampering Incidents
01/28/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Shooting into Apartment Building
01/25/2019 UPDATED: Wanted Suspect who Escaped from Hospital Apprehended
01/25/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Fatal Accident
01/25/2019 Suspect Apprehended After Escaping from Mary Washington Hospital
01/24/2019 Wanted Suspects Arrested Following Traffic Stop in Stafford
01/23/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI after Wild Ride through Stafford Marketplace
01/23/2019 Suspect Arrested After Attempting to Break into a Local Business
01/22/2019 Suspects Arrested After Passing Counterfeit Money at Local Businesses
01/18/2019 Suspect Arrested for Domestic Assault in Stafford County
01/17/2019 Wanted Woman Arrested Following Domestic Stabbing
01/16/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Warns of IRS Scam
01/14/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Warns of Craigslist Larcenies
01/10/2019 Suspect Locks Himself inside Vehicle during Traffic Stop
01/09/2019 Suspect Charged with Identity Theft Following Traffic Stop
01/08/2019 Suspects Apprehended after Selling Fake Jewelry from Vehicle
01/07/2019 Suspect Arrested After Firing Weapon inside Residence
01/04/2019 Suspect Behind PNC Bank Robbery in Stafford Arrested
01/03/2019 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigating Robbery
01/02/2019 Suspect Arrested for DUI Following Pursuit in Stafford

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