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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 189
Stafford, VA 22555

Physical Address:
1225 Courthouse Rd.
Stafford, VA 22554


Stafford Alert


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11/24/2020 Wanted of the Week
11/23/2020 Detectives Recover Stolen Jewelry
11/19/2020 Wanted of the Week
11/17/2020 Trespassers Caught on Security Camera Arrested
11/16/2020 DUI Investigation Leads to Multiple Charges
11/16/2020 Runaway
11/13/2020 Can You Identify?
11/12/2020 Wanted of the Week
11/10/2020 Wanted Suspect Arrested After Pursuit
11/10/2020 Can You Identify?
11/09/2020 Robbery Suspect Arrested
11/09/2020 Suspect Arrested for Leaving 2-Year-Old in Vehicle
11/09/2020 Runaway
11/06/2020 Can You Identify?
11/06/2020 Wanted of the Week
11/05/2020 Can You Identify?
11/04/2020 Brandishing Arrest Made on Halloween
11/02/2020 K9 Titan Helps Apprehend Assault Suspect
11/02/2020 Update on October 31 Murder-Suicide
10/29/2020 Runaway
10/28/2020 Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Halloween Safety Information
10/28/2020 Rape Suspect Indicted
10/26/2020 Missing Person
10/26/2020 Disturbance at Convenience Store Leads to Arrest
10/23/2020 Can You Identify?
10/22/2020 2017 Murder Suspect Sentenced
10/20/2020 Deputies Arrest Suspect for Abduction Charge
10/15/2020 Can You Identify?
10/14/2020 Runaway
10/12/2020 Can You Identify?
10/07/2020 Stafford County Sheriff’s Office K9 Rip to Get Donation of Body Armor
10/07/2020 Can You Identify?
10/06/2020 Identified- Can You Identify?
10/05/2020 Deputies Locate and Arrest Breaking and Entering Suspect
10/05/2020 Can You Identify?
10/02/2020 Robbery Suspect in Custody
10/02/2020 Can You Identify?
10/01/2020 Facebook Marketplace Scam
10/01/2020 DUI Arrest Made After Pursuit
09/30/2020 Arrest: Assault on Law Enforcement Officer
09/30/2020 Homicide Suspect Arrested
09/30/2020 Runaway
09/30/2020 Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Arrest
09/30/2020 Deputies Arrest Suspect for Assault and DUI
09/30/2020 Can You Identify?
09/25/2020 Babysitter Arrested for Assault of Infant
09/24/2020 Attempt to Identify
09/24/2020 DUI Arrest
09/23/2020 Drug Arrest of Sleepy Guest
09/23/2020 False ID Lands Driver in Jail
09/23/2020 Attempt to Identify
09/22/2020 Drone and K-9 Assist in Apprehension
09/22/2020 Wedding Crasher Jailed
09/21/2020 Murder Arrest in Infant Death
09/21/2020 Failing to Yield Leads to DUI and Jail
09/21/2020 Wanted Subject Arrested at Accident Scene
09/17/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Searching for Missing and Endangered Juvenile
09/17/2020 Hit and Run Driver Captured
09/15/2020 ATF Offers $5,000 Reward for Information about Multiple Armed Robberies in Charlottesville Area
09/11/2020 Revoked Driver Earns Jail Without Bond
09/10/2020 Stafford Deputy Assists Lost Driver
09/09/2020 Wrong Way Driver Arrested for DUI
09/09/2020 Missing Young Man Located in Rappahannock River
09/09/2020 Balcony Leap Lands Man in Jail
09/09/2020 Body Found in Rappahannock River Identified
09/01/2020 Public's Assistance Needed
08/31/2020 Public's Assistance Needed
08/31/2020 Truck Wash Dispute Leads to Arrest
08/31/2020 Public's Assistance Needed
08/31/2020 Pursuit Leads to Felony Drug Charges
08/27/2020 Wanted Subjects Arrested at Hotel
08/26/2020 Sheriff’s Office Seeks Driver in Hit and Run
08/25/2020 Detective Josh Scott Receives Award
08/24/2020 K-9 Titan Apprehends Car Thief
08/21/2020 Sexual Assault Charge
08/20/2020 Public's Assistance Needed
08/20/2020 Public's Assistance Needed
08/19/2020 Traffic Stop Leads to Breaking and Entering Arrest
08/18/2020 Reckless Driver Jailed on Numerous Charges
08/13/2020 Pursuit Leads to Multiple Charges
08/12/2020 Hotel Disturbance Leads to Arrest
08/06/2020 Rescued Bald Eagles Released into the Wild
07/27/2020 Drunk Driver and Passenger Arrested in Parking Lot
07/22/2020 Good Samaritans Save Drowning Victim
07/20/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Murder Arrest
07/16/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Individual for Vehicle Tampering and Narcotics
07/06/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Burglary Suspect on Multiple Charges
07/06/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Impaired Driver After Pursuit
07/01/2020 Runaways - The Public's Assistance is Needed
06/29/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Assault Arrest
06/26/2020 Scam Alert
06/25/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Cigarette Trafficking Arrests
06/22/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Pursuit Arrest
06/22/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Larceny Arrest
06/17/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Larceny Arrest
06/16/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Pursuit Leads to Arrest
06/12/2020 Scam Alert
06/10/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Investigates Drowning Death
06/05/2020 UPDATE: Missing Endangered Child Has Been Found
06/03/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Protester Who Broke Car Window
06/01/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Declares Unlawful Assembly during Sunday Protest
05/30/2020 Message from Sheriff David P. Decatur
05/22/2020 Scam Alert
05/21/2020 News Alert
05/21/2020 Update: Missing Person Located
05/19/2020 Crime Alert
05/19/2020 Scam Alert
05/18/2020 Fleeing Drivers from Other Jurisdictions Lead to Traffic Crashes in Stafford County
05/14/2020 Scam Alert
05/14/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Searching for Runaway
05/12/2020 Update: Missing Person Located
05/11/2020 Suspects Arrested on Numerous Charges following Larceny Incident
05/07/2020 Wanted Suspect Assaults LEO during Arrest
05/05/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Apprehends Suspect Behind Purse Theft
05/04/2020 Suspect Arrested for Burglary after Stealing Jewelry from Residence
05/01/2020 Scam Alert
05/01/2020 Suspect Arrested for Burglary, Vehicle Tampering
05/01/2020 Update: Missing Person Located
04/22/2020 Wanted Suspect Arrested on Drug Charges
04/16/2020 Scam Alert
04/13/2020 Updated: Runaway Located
04/10/2020 Multiple Suspects Charged after RRJ Inmates Received Illegal Drugs in Mail
04/09/2020 Wanted Suspect Arrested After Attempting to Cash Stolen Check
04/02/2020 Scam Alert
04/02/2020 Suspects Arrested for Felony Destruction of Property
04/01/2020 Suspect Behind Disturbance Arrested Following a Pursuit
03/31/2020 Reminder to Secure Your Vehicles
03/27/2020 Scam Alert
03/25/2020 Update: Runaway Located
03/25/2020 Wanted Suspect Arrested Following Pursuit
03/23/2020 Update: Runaway Located
03/23/2020 News Alert: Credit Card Skimmers Found at Several 7-Eleven Locations
03/20/2020 Suspect Arrested For DUI, Obstructing Justice
03/19/2020 Scam Alert
03/19/2020 Suspect Arrested Following Attempted Carjacking at Local Convenience Store
03/16/2020 Multiple Suspects Arrested Following Disturbance at Super 8 Motel
03/12/2020 File a Report by Phone or Online
03/10/2020 Update: Runaway Located
03/09/2020 Student Arrested after Loaded Gun Found on School Property
03/09/2020 Suspect Arrested for DUI and Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
03/05/2020 Suspect Arrested for DUI following Pursuit
03/04/2020 Suspect Behind Stafford County Armed Robberies Arrested
03/02/2020 UPDATED: Runaway Located
03/02/2020 Update: Runaway Located
02/28/2020 Joint Release: Henrico Shooting Suspect Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound in Stafford
02/24/2020 Wanted Suspect Arrested on Several Charges following Traffic Stop
02/19/2020 Suspect Arrested for Attempting to Steal Goats from Local Farmer
02/18/2020 Suspect Arrested in Stafford County following Pursuit
02/18/2020 Deputies Provide Life-Saving Aid to Young Man
02/13/2020 Stafford Sheriff’s Office Searching for Purse Thief
02/12/2020 Stafford Woman in Parental Abduction Case Arrested in Indiana
02/11/2020 Suspect with Loaded Gun Arrested following Foot Pursuit
02/07/2020 Drunk Driver with Child in Vehicle Arrested on Numerous Charges
02/05/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Searching for Missing Juveniles
02/05/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Investigating Shots Fired Incident
02/03/2020 Suspect Arrested for DUI following Disturbance at 7-Eleven
01/31/2020 Two Suspects Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Juvenile
01/30/2020 Two Suspects Arrested for Attempting to Use Stolen Identity at Stafford Business
01/29/2020 Stafford Deputy Helps Hospital Patient
01/27/2020 Suspect Arrested following Pursuit in Stafford County
01/23/2020 UPDATE: Runaway Located
01/21/2020 Crime Alert
01/17/2020 Crime Alert
01/14/2020 Man Arrested after Pulling Knife at Taco Bell
01/14/2020 Stafford Sheriff's Office Recognizes Target Loss Prevention Officer
01/13/2020 SCAM ALERT
01/10/2020 Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Wanted Suspect
01/07/2020 Two Killed in Vehicle Crash on White Oak Road
01/06/2020 Scam Alert
01/03/2020 Suspects Arrested for Illegally Selling Cigarettes

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