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Major Donald R. Lenhart

Commander of the Support Services Bureau

Major Don Lenhart’s distinguished 37 year law enforcement career began in Fairfax County where he served for 25 years before retiring as a Lieutenant and joining the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office where he has served since January of 2005.

During his tenure in law enforcement he has worked and supervised patrol and criminal investigation functions including routine field patrol, vice and narcotics, street crimes, violent crimes, major crimes and internal affairs.  He has attended basic and advanced law enforcement training throughout his career including multiple police commander schools. 

Major Lenhart graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in the Administration of Justice.

He served in the United States Army Reserves for six years.  He has served as a director, vice-president and president of the Alexandria Chapter of the Isaac Walton League.

Major Lenhart has been a member of the Stafford community since 1983 where he lives with his wife Mary.  The Lenharts have two grown daughters, two sons-in-law and three grandchildren.


The Support Services Bureau consists of the Emergency Communications, Administrative Services, Criminal Investigations and Professional Standards Divisions.

Phone: (540) 658-4450
FAX: (540) 658-1285


Emergency Communications Division

Administrative Services Division

Criminal Investigations Division

Professional Standards Division

Capt. Ray Davis
Division of Emergency Communications


Captain Ray Davis, a graduate of James Madison University, joined the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in 1989 as a Patrol Deputy.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and then First Sergeant where he supervised a patrol shift.  He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant Assistant Commander of Field Operations and then to Division Commander of Field Operations in 2016.  As of July 2017, he is the Division Commander of the Emergency Communications Division.


Captain Davis has been a Field Training Officer, Senior Driving Instructor and part of the Accident Investigation Team.  He spent 23 years on patrol shifts as a Patrol Deputy or Supervisor.  He is a Certified Paralegal who has received training in many areas of Law Enforcement to include Operations, Home Land Security, Constitutional Law, Anti-Terrorism, Multi-Agency Incident Management, Internal Investigations and Supervisory Leadership.


The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is organized as its own Division within the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year supporting operations through an ever-changing comprehensive communications infrastructure.  The Division is currently allocated staffing as follows:  Administrative Staff (3), Communications Director, Assistant Communications Director, Administrative Assistant; Training Staff (1); Supervisory Staff (4); and Dispatchers (28).  Included also is an Administrative and Technical Director responsible for radio communications and interoperability.



NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER: (540) 658-4400

Phone: (540) 658-4962
FAX: (540) 658-4419


Capt. Benjamin G. Worcester
Division of Administrative Services


Captain Worcester joined the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in 2002 after having served in the United States Marine Corps.  As a Marine, Captain Worcester was a part of F.A.S.T. Company, an anti-terrorist team, and then began instructing Lieutenants in combat arms at The Basic School, Quantico.  Captain Worcester has attended many leadership courses such as the FBI-LEEDA program and the LEAD program which are both nationally recognized for their effectiveness.

Captain Worcester has progressed through the ranks at the Sheriff’s Office having been a Field Training Officer, TASER Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, ASP Instructor, Bike Team member and SWAT member.  Captain Worcester is responsible for the research, development and implementation of the Unmanned Aircraft System Team and serves as a resource for surrounding agencies on this technology and its implementation.  Captain Worcester has spent time in multiple divisions of the Sheriff’s Office including Criminal Investigations, Field Operations and Administrative Services where he now serves as the Division Commander.    


The Administrative Services Division provides support for all Sheriff’s Office operations including Records Management, Evidence Processing, Departmental Property, Data Entry, Accounting Review, Computer Hardware and Software, Fleet Management, Accreditation Management and Technological Research. The Administrative Services Division provides the support from behind the scenes, with the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that all Divisions can perform their responsibilities without interruptions and obtain the required performance levels for the citizens of Stafford County Sheriff's Office and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Administrative Services Division is currently staffed with nine full-time and two part-time civilian employees, one Lieutenant and a Captain that commands the division. Seven of the employees are responsible for the entry of the documents requiring input, and provide staffing of the receptionist desk. Two of the civilian employees are responsible for the maintaining, accountability and destruction of all items of evidence and property. One civilian employee maintains all reports and related records required by law and FOIA request. One civilian employee maintains all computer related equipment and issues that arise on a daily basis, to include new initiatives.


Phone: (540) 658-4970


Capt. George P. Bond, Jr.
Division of Criminal Investigations

Captain Bond has been in law enforcement for over 35 years beginning in 1981 as a Communications Officer.  Later that year he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff.  Captain Bond came to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in 1992 working in patrol and was a member of the SWAT team.  While in patrol he attained the rank of Corporal.  In 1996, Captain Bond was promoted to Detective where he investigated General Assignment, Juvenile and Major Crimes.  He was promoted to First Sergeant in 2005 where he supervised the Major Crimes Unit and the Detectives working homicides, assaults, sexual assaults among other cases.  In 2009, he was promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division helping to supervise those units.  On March 14, 2016 he was promoted to Captain and became the Division Commander.    


The mission of the Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) is to support law enforcement operations by overseeing the day-to-day assignment and investigation of all cases and coordinating all major criminal investigations. 

Eight investigative units are encompassed within the Criminal Investigations Division: 
(Two of which are part time)

      Major Crimes (Violent Crimes) Unit

      General Assignment Unit (Property Crimes)

      Drug Enforcement Unit

Pawn Unit (Gun Permits & Federal Firearms applications) (Part-Time)           

Crime Analysis Unit

Crime Scene Technician (Full Time)

Computer Forensic Analyst (Full-Time)

Domestic Violence

All Criminal Investigations Division Units are complimented by an administrative support position held by one full-time civilian employee, who provides secretarial duties, data entry tasks, routine office inventory and financial record keeping for the division.


Phone: (540) 658-4482
FAX: (540) 658-4459


Captain R. J. Dembowski
Professional Standards Division Commander


Captain Dembowski has been in law enforcement for 19 years and started as an Auxiliary Police Officer with the City of Fredericksburg.  Captain Dembowski worked as a Patrol Officer for the George Mason University Police Department from 1999 until 2001 when he joined the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office.  At the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, Captain Dembowski worked as a School Resource Officer, Street Crimes Detective, and Narcotics Detective. Captain Dembowski was assigned for six years to the Rappahannock Regional Gang, Drug, and Terrorism Task Force. Captain Dembowski served as Coordinator for the Task Force for three years.  In 2013, Captain Dembowski joined the Stafford Sheriff’s Office and served as a General Assignment Detective, Major Crimes Detective, Inspector in the Internal Affairs Unit, and First Lieutenant of the Professional Standards Division.

Captain Dembowski is a 2011 graduate of the Virginia School of Polygraph.  Captain Dembowski performs pre-employment and criminal polygraphs for the Sheriff’s Office.


Professional Standards is comprised of four separate units, Human Resources, Training, Internal Affairs and Finance, which are managed by a Deputy Sheriff Captain.  Human Resources currently is comprised of one full-time Senior Human Resources Analyst and a Human Resources Technician who are responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all Sheriff’s Office personnel.  They administer all employee benefits and maintain personnel records.  Training is staffed with three full-time Training Coordinators who are responsible for the documentation, certification, and implementation of all training requirements.  Training Coordinators also develop training programs and schedule all specialized training.  Internal Affairs is staffed with one regular full-time Deputy Sheriff Inspector and is chiefly responsible for providing over-site for the Sheriff’s Office.  The Internal Affairs Inspector receives and investigates complaints from the community concerning Sheriff’s Office personnel.  Finance is staffed with a full-time Finance Director, one full-time Accounting Technician, and one part-time Accounting Technician.  Finance administers the Sheriff’s Office’s budget ensuring employee payroll is correct and all expenditures are processed correct and timely.  Finance is also responsible to administer all grants both State and Federal.

Phone: (540) 658-4486
FAX: (540) 658-1583


Major John McAlister

Commander of the Operations Bureau

Major John McAlister, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and of the 260th session of the FBINAA, has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 20 years.  He started his career as an Auxiliary Deputy and then went to the Court Services Division for one year.  The majority of Major McAlister’s career has been spent in the Field Operations Division where he has served as a Patrol Deputy, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant and Captain.  Major McAlister was promoted as the Commander of the Operations Bureau in July of 2016. 

Major McAlister has also been a Field Training Officer, General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, a Bike Patrol Deputy, the Honor Guard Coordinator and Commander of the SWAT Team.  He participated in the IACP SWAT Supervision & Management Training, the National Search and Rescue School, the FBI Advanced Tactical Operators Course and the FBINNA/VSP First Line Supervisor School.


The Operations Bureau consists of the Field OperationsCourt Services, and Animal Control Divisions.



Phone: (540) 658-4437
FAX: (540) 658-1285

Field Operations

Patrol Section

Special Services Section:

Juvenile Services Unit

Traffic Safety Unit

Crime Prevention Unit

Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Special Operations

Court Services

Animal Control

Capt. C. Shawn Kimmitz
Division of Field Operations

Captain Shawn Kimmitz, a graduate of James Madison University, joined the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 as a jail correctional officer.  After two years Captain Kimmitz joined the Field Operations Division as a Patrol Deputy and then continued his career in Field Operations as a Sergeant and First Sergeant.  He became the 1st Lieutenant of the Administrative Services Division in 2004 and was promoted to Division Commander of the Administrative Services Division on August 4, 2014.  In September of 2017, he was assigned to be the Commander of the Field Operations Division.

Captain Kimmitz has been a member of the Bike Unit, has been a Field Training Officer and is a graduating member of the FBI National Academy Class 247.  He is fluent in Spanish and acts as a Spanish translator for several divisions.  



The Field Operations Division has the primary mission to deliver service to the citizens of Stafford County through response to calls for service and proactive initiatives.  Beyond the traditional mission post 911 has brought more responsibility to local law enforcement, the Field Operations Division is charged with the first responder task in any attack that might take place within the County and to assist other law enforcement agencies as the need arises. 

To accomplish the mission of the Sheriff’s Office the Division is organized into two primary units: Patrol and Special Services.  Each of these units has a distinct role to play in the overall operation of the Sheriff’s Office.  The patrol function provides a dual function of reaction to events and prevention of events.  Members of the patrol division respond to calls for service from citizens and provide preventive patrol through their presence in an area.


The Patrol Section has the primary mission to deliver service to the citizens of Stafford County through response to calls for service, proactive initiatives and crime preventive patrol through their presence in an area. Beyond the traditional mission, post 911 has brought more responsibility to local law enforcement. The Patrol Section is charged with the first responder task in any attack that might take place within the County and to assist other law enforcement agencies as the need arises. 


Special Services provides a variety of programs, the first of these is Juvenile Services.  This unit supplies D.A.R.E. Officers to the schools as well as School Resource Officers to insure a safe environment within the schools while at the same time creating a link between the youth of the community with law enforcement representatives.

Included in the Special Services function is the Traffic Safety Unit that is charged with the control of traffic movement, enforcement of traffic laws and the reduction of traffic collisions through directed enforcement.  To accomplish this task deputies are equipped with motorcycles and marked and unmarked vehicles.

A newly created unit designated as the Special Problems Unit has been charged with the reaction to and solving of special problems that arise from time to time.  For example a series of thefts from construction sites will initiate action by the unit as will a sudden upsurge in traffic collisions in a specific area of the County.  The unit may work on very serious events, i.e. homicide-assisting investigators, as well as those more annoying incidents such as vandalism.

Homeland Security & Emergency Management prevents, protects against and prepares for all hazards relative to homeland security.  The team works daily to protect the community from ever-present threats of terrorism, providing a higher level of situational awareness and mitigating the chances of having our region be caught unaware.

Finally, the unit that has total responsibility for proactive law enforcement is the Crime Prevention Unit.  The individuals assigned to this task provide a wide range of services aimed at preventing crime, community involvement and community awareness to the trends in criminal activity within the County.


In addition to the units that have organizational stature, the Field Operations Division provides several services that are collateral assignments that support field endeavors; among these 
Special Operation Teams are: K-9 Field Units, Special Weapons and Tactical support, Dive Team, Marine Patrol, Ground Search and Rescue, Honor Guard and a Crisis Negotiation Team.

Phone: (540) 658-4432
FAX: (540) 658-8570



Capt. Steve Carey
Division of Court Services

Captain Steve Carey started his career with the Stafford County Sheriff's Department in 1984 as a deputy assigned to the jail.  He then worked as a street deputy in the patrol division where he moved through the ranks as a Corporal, Sergeant, 1st Sergeant and Lieutenant.  While in the patrol division, Captain Carey spent time as a K-9 officer, a Field Training Officer, S.W.A.T. Team member, bike patrol, school resource officer and Gang Intelligence Coordinator.  Captain Carey was appointed the Commander of the Division of Field Operations in September 2007.  After five years leading the Field Operations Division Captain Carey was appointed the Commander of Court Services.


The Court Services/Civil Process Division of the Stafford Sheriff's Office provides a variety of services such as court security, prisoner transportation and the processing of all legal civil procedures and is in charge of the warrant section.  The Division Commander (Captain) is required to oversee the overall function of the Division, which includes security at the Courthouse.  He ensures that the public and our own judicial officers are conducting business in a safe and secure environment.  The Captain ensures compliance with all department policies and any Department of Corrections standards regarding the transportation of prisoners.  The Lieutenant assumes command of the Division in the absence of the Captain.  The Lieutenant is also tasked with special assignments which the Captain or Sheriff may assign.

The Civil Process Section of the Stafford Sheriff's Office handles all civil processes for the Sheriff's Office to include out of state process, Capias', Show Cause Rule, Restraining Orders, Bench Warrants, Garnishments, Civil Court Summons, Evictions and Levies.  The civil process clerk maintains all records of civil process served.  The civil process clerk is also responsible for answering questions from the public regarding civil process either by phone or in person.  We have three full-time civil process officers and two part-time officers.


Phone: (540) 658-4415
FAX: (540) 658-4433

Contact Court Services


Capt. Mike Null
Division of Animal Control

Captain Null is the Chief Animal Control Officer for Stafford County.  He has worked with the Stafford County Sheriff's Office for 18 years.  Captain Null worked for four years as an Animal Control Officer and has been the Captain of that Division for 14 years.


Animal Control is divided in two components, Enforcement (Animal Control Officers) and Shelter Caretakers.  Animal Control Officers conduct routine patrol public safety measures to ensure a safe coexistence with animals and people, education presentations and respond to a variety of complaints concerning animals.  Additional duties include, but are not limited to impounding stray, sick or injured domestic animals on a daily basis.  It is important that Officers work with other agencies to place or dispose of the respective animals.  Shelter staff handles adoption, redemption and the task to euthanize when necessary.  Also included in shelter staff activity is the cleaning, feeding and general care of the animals in the custody of Stafford County. 

Phone: (540) 658-7387
FAX: (540) 658-4271



CLICK HERE to pre-register your pet in case your animal needs to be placed in an emergency shelter in the event of a disaster or evacuation.

Stafford County Animal Control is located at:
473 Eskimo Hill Rd.
Stafford, VA  22554


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