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Division of Field Operations




The Field Operations Division has the primary mission to deliver service to the citizens of Stafford County through response to calls for service and proactive initiatives.  Beyond the traditional mission 
post 911 has brought more responsibility to local law enforcement, the Field Operations Division is charged with the first responder task in any attack that might take place within the County and to assist other law enforcement agencies as the need arises. 

To accomplish the mission of the Sheriff’s Office the Division is organized into two primary units: Patrol and Special Services.  Each of these units has a distinct role to play in the overall operation of the Sheriff’s Office.  The patrol function provides a dual function of reaction to events and prevention of events.  Members of the patrol division respond to calls for service from citizens and provide preventive patrol through their presence in an area.


The Patrol Section has the primary mission to deliver service to the citizens of Stafford County through response to calls for service, proactive initiatives and crime preventive patrol through their presence in an area. Deputies in the patrol section perform a myriad of activities, including responding to alarms, writing incident reports, answering 911 calls, serving arrest warrants, investigating criminal offenses, issuing traffic citations and investigating auto accidents. 


Special Services provides a variety of programs, the first of these is Juvenile Services.  This unit supplies D.A.R.E. Officers to the schools as well as School Resource Officers to
ensure a safe environment within the schools while at the same time creating a link between the youth of the community and law enforcement representatives.

Included in the Special Services function is the Traffic Safety Unit that is charged with the control of traffic movement, enforcement of traffic laws and the reduction of traffic collisions through directed enforcement.  To accomplish this task deputies are equipped with motorcycles and marked and unmarked vehicles.

The Special Problems Unit has been charged with the reaction to and solving of special problems that arise from time to time.  For 
example a series of thefts from construction sites will initiate action by the unit as will a sudden upsurge in traffic collisions in a specific area of the County.  The unit may work on very serious events, i.e. homicide-assisting investigators, as well as those more annoying incidents such as vandalism.

Homeland Security & Emergency Management prevents, protects against and prepares for all hazards relative to homeland security.  The team works daily to protect the community from ever-present threats of terrorism, providing a higher level of situational awareness and mitigating the chances of having our region be caught unaware.

Finally, the unit that has total responsibility for proactive law enforcement is the Crime Prevention Unit.  The individuals assigned to this task provide a wide range of services aimed at preventing crime, community involvement and community awareness
to the trends in criminal activity within the County.


In addition to the units that have organizational stature, the Field Operations Division provides several services that are collateral assignments that support field endeavors; among these Special Operation Teams are: K-9 Field Units, Special Weapons and Tactical support, Dive Team, Marine Patrol, Ground Search and Rescue, Honor Guard, Crisis Negotiation Team, Bike Patrol, Boat Patrol, ATV Patrol UAS Team, Civil Disturbance Team and the Command Bus Team.


Phone: (540) 658-4432
FAX: (540) 658-8570








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