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One of the most important lessons we learned in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 is the importance of collaboration between local law enforcement and their communities. The Shield program is a global network created in partnership with NYPD Shield; tailored to developing new and lasting partnerships to keep ourselves and our citizens safe and informed. The SCSO Shield program is the platform between the Sheriff's Office and our community that allows information to flow back and forth between one another. The program is a partnership focusing on working together with what information is available to safeguard our community as one. The Stafford community has always been an integral part of this goal and as we respond to events that impact both our county and our nation, we must continue to do so as a community working strongly together as partners.

The Shield program is comprised of multiple corresponding partnerships and involvements broken down as such: 

  • The Global Shield Network (GSN) is the broad umbrella of the Law Enforcement Shield programs.
  • The SCSO Shield program is the unique partnership for our community within the Global Shield Network. 
  • Within the SCSO Shield program are specific Watch programs (Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, Hotel Watch & Worship Watch). In addition to those, individual citizens can partner with SCSO Shield by themselves, regardless of community or group affiliation. 


When joining the SCSO Shield program, partners gain access to personalized choices in what information you want directed to you. This keeps you abreast of information that you can then utilize to further safeguard yourselves and the community. All information is gathered, researched and then pushed out from the Sheriff's Office electronically to those who have partnered with the Shield program. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Crime information developing both in Stafford County as well as events abroad
  • Community-wide crime trends and solutions to better help deter crime
  • Upcoming events in the community
  • Focused information from our many Watch programs
  • Public safety information and resources designed to educate community partners
  • Sheriff's Office personnel serving as liaisons with community partners through Watch programs


Designed to be a partnership, the SCSO Shield program is a mutual exchange of communication and trust. As such, the SCSO Shield program relies on our partners sharing pertinent information with the Sheriff's Office to better serve our community. Partners serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office, directly assisting with the prevention of crimes that affect our community. This is primarily accomplished through immediate reporting of suspicious behavior to the Sheriff's Office and utilizing the information given out via the Shield program to bolster our communities' safety and security. This information does not just assist our community but also other Shield communities nationwide. As a partner in the SCSO Shield program, you will be taking an active role in making our area a safer and more welcoming community to all.


To become a partner with the SCSO Shield program, follow the steps below:

     1. Click to become a partner
     2. If needed, designate a coordinator for your organization and/or group.
     3. Develop a means for communicating with the Sheriff's Office to share information. 


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