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     Hotel Watch is a sub-group to our Business Watch partnership within the SCSO Shield program. This is a watch program that follows the same approach as Business Watch but with a more detailed focus on the many hotels and motels within our community. With the nature of these establishments providing temporary lodging to both citizens of our community and visitors; we have found that a more connected and communicative partnership for these businesses and the Sheriff's Office yields a safer and more welcoming community to those that stay within our county. 

This watch program is designed to allow for a strong working relationship between the Stafford County Sheriff's and management and employees within the hotel/motel industry. This is further supported by connecting hotels and motels with one another to share important information that is pertinent to the safety and security of these businesses. 


     When you join Business Watch, you select to become a Hotel Watch partner in the SCSO Shield program. This means you will be notified, as you see fit, for any and all information and alerts that come from the Sheriff's Office with a focus on hotels and motels. In addition, there are several security-oriented opportunities offered to you as a partner.  These include:

  • Crime trends at or around lodging establisment
  • Assistance with joining existing real-time communications between other hotels/motels
  • Security assessments upon request
  • Active Shooter/Critical Incident/Staff Security training upon request
  • Monthly bulletins focused on our business community
  • Upcoming events in the business community


     Designed as a partnership, the relationship between SCSO Shield program and Hotel Watch members is a mutual exchange of communication and trust. Your participation is vital to make this an effective and efficient resource. As a partner, here are some things you can do to help accomplish the goal:

  • Report any and all suspicious activity, individuals, or vehicles
  • Share any suspicious activity, individuals, or vehicles to other Hotel Watch partners to help safeguard our community
  • Check your establisment to ensure it is as secure and safe as possible, with a focus on the ability to identify suspicious activity quickly
  • Explain to staff and members how the program works and encourage the same reporting and vigilance of suspicious activity
  • Communicate with the SCSO business coordinator to set up security assessments and up to date training
  • Keep one another and our community safe


To become a partner with Hotel Watch, follow the steps below to sign up for SCSO Shield program:

     1. Click to become a partner
     2. Select Hotel Watch as one of your programs.
     3. Feel free to reach out to Deputy Shannon for any assistance or support.


Deputy Frank Shannon
Crime Prevention Unit

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