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Fumbling Firearm Felon
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By PIO Ryan Wilbur
October 30, 2023

A 19-year-old Chesterfield man earned yet another felony charge after his firearm accidently fell and flopped to the floor.

During fall, specifically, October 28th at 6:30 a.m. the fierce Sergeant R.K. Pinkard and Deputy S.M. Craig flew to the famous Sheetz, located at 15 Wyche Road, for a firearm offense. The female caller forewarned the fact she flat out saw someone fumble a firearm.

Feeling no fear, deputies were fast to locate the suspect through a fog of people. The suspect, like a flash, denied having a firearm. During their forum, it was found the suspect was a fan of vapes, for he was in possession of a few. Deputies also found a ski mask and gloves. Having faith they’d locate the fine firearm, deputies searched the facility. Near the food, behind the flavored water, and through the favorite featured items until Sergeant Pinkard located the firearm in a trashcan.

Store cameras filmed the incident confirming the facts. The suspect, found out to be a felon, fumbled his firearm to the floor. Flooded with the facts that weren’t fading away, the suspect, Edward McNeal, was fitted into handcuffs.

McNeal was forwarded to the finish line being Rappahannock Regional Jail not that far away. He was charged with felon in possession of a firearm, concealing a firearm without a permit, and underage possession of tobacco. He was held without bond.

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