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Park Party Paused
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By PIO Ryan Wilbur
May 30, 2023

A public place pandemonium was promptly and properly postponed by police when juveniles participated in underage partying in plain view.

On May 29th prior to 1:00a.m. Deputy J.D. Hurt pitched in to respond to Embrey Field, on Freesia Lane, for a phone call regarding suspicious persons in the park. The caller advised there were plenty of people in the park, none of which were predicted to be principals, princesses, or priests. Deputy Hurt, along with other police partners, peeked at the party to see juveniles at play with plenty of booze. Predicting a pursuit, police were patient in their preparations and got into place.

The prediction in the previous paragraph was perfect, for when police progressed towards the suspects, the parties proclaimed, to paraphrase, “run, for the police have come”. People ran parallel and perpendicular; however, police were persistent and pinpointed all but a pair. Piles of alcohol were present, which were probably not permitted, for many pled to keep it private from their parents. With parent permission, the public party-goers were searched. In some of the juvenile’s pockets, police located not potatoes or a piece of pie, but vapes, they were too young to buy.

The pair that passed police perhaps pondered if they made a pristine performance fleeing. That perception was painfully pulverized when police participated in pleasantries with their parents. One juvenile even became a little pale and was promoted to state a profanity. At first that juvenile was less than polite to Deputy Hurt, but after realizing the position he got himself into, began to verbally pass along his past peccadillos. The juvenile even advised the popular potations located were not properly purchased by either paper or plastic. He had pilfered the packages from a gas station that was in close proximity.

The public park party would result in some penalties in the form of criminal complaints, plus an earful from parents.

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