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Stafford County Sheriff’s Office JAG Grant Proposal 2020-Project Narrative

Applicant Jurisdictional Background:

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service local law enforcement agency providing service to approximately 151,689 residents and thousands of visitors to Stafford County, Virginia.  The Department provides service through 286 dedicated employees, including 209 sworn Deputy Sheriffs.  The Department conducts multiple activities to prevent crimes, engages in community policing efforts and activities, and strives for close, positive relationships with community members and organizations.  The Department answers over 70,000 calls for service from the community annually.

Program Overview:

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office has identified key areas of specific focus through its Strategic Planning Process.  The Strategic Planning Process involves approximately 65 employees with input from the remaining 221 employees.  During that process, employees discuss and identify key areas within the agency that need to be refined and improved.  Two of the key areas that were identified pertained to training of personnel and traffic safety enforcement.  Both of these areas are vital to both the agency and community.  The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office strives to train its employees to the fullest capability.  We consistently exceed the state’s requirements in terms of hours and minimum score requirements.  The majority of our required training is done in-house. 

Funds from this grant would be utilized to upgrade our audio-visual equipment in our multi-purpose room which is used to conduct multiple different trainings to include Use of Force and Defensive Tactics.  The multi-purpose room can also be set up for a large classroom atmosphere, support hiring of personnel through applicant testing, and community briefings and trainings.  Other agencies have also requested the use of our multi-purpose room for hosted trainings. 

The current equipment is approximately 10 years old and consists of a television that is connected to a laptop.  This current system does not support the size of the room and is not visually ideal for the classroom training.  The funding would include installing a projector and screen.  This would improve the classroom environment and provide for a better learning experience. 

The cost of the procurement of the projector would not exceed $20,000.00.

The second focus area is on Traffic Safety Enforcement.  Stafford County is the third largest growing county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Several main arteries run through Stafford County such as Route 1, Route 17, and I-95.  The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office has a Traffic Safety Unit that is charged with the control of traffic movement, enforcement of traffic laws and the reduction of traffic collisions through directed enforcement. 

The Traffic Safety Unit provides specific support and problem-solving tactics, provides educational and awareness programs, provides corridor enforcement programs, commercial motor vehicle enforcement, traffic incident management, crash investigation, and support. The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for solving the more complex traffic issues facing the county.

Funds from this grant would also support the purchase of eight additional radar units.  Radars are used for speed enforcement which is critical in identifying and reducing traffic accidents within Stafford County.

The cost of eight radars would not exceed $13,395.00.


Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Install a projector in the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Multi-Purpose Room for a better quality learning experience.
  2. Provide eight additional radars to the Traffic Safety Unit.


Implementation Schedule (Projector)

Month (Post Award)                                                               Action

I                                                           Secure final purchase authorization and cost.

II                                                                Order product to achieve goals.

III                                                        Receive product and install new product.

IV                                                                    Utilize new product.


Implementation Schedule (Radars)

Month (Post Award)                                                               Action

I                                                           Secure final purchase authorization and cost.

II                                                                      Order product to achieve goals.

III                                            Receive equipment and distribute to appropriate division.

IV                                            Confirm equipment assignment and success of deployment.




Appropriate data for each of the goals will be documented during the grant period.  This information will include, but not be limited to, cost, brand of product, model number of product and location of deployment through serial numbers on each item.  Collection of that data will be through existing systems in purchasing, budget, finance, and personnel in the agency.  The program manager will verify data collection during the grant period.










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