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1st Sgt. Heather Torrance
Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Services Unit is a specialized unit which falls under the Patrol Division. The unit consists of a 1st Sergeant, Sergeant, and 14 Deputies. All five high schools and all eight middle schools are covered by a full-time school resource officer. We also have a thriving D.A.R.E. program with two dedicated D.A.R.E. officers covering 17 elementary schools.


The Deputies of the Juvenile Services Unit provide the schools with age appropriate law enforcement coverage and the D.A.R.E. Deputies provide the 5th grade students at the elementary level a 12-week D.A.R.E. Education Program. These Deputies offer the schools an invaluable service clearly illustrating to the students and citizens of Stafford County that education and student and staff safety is a top priority of the Stafford County Sheriff's Office. 

Phone: (540) 658-5206
FAX: (540) 658-8570

School Resource Officers


North Stafford High School
Phone (540) 658-6150
SRO Allen


Stafford High School
Phone (540) 371-7200
SRO Brooks

Colonial Forge High School
Phone (540) 658-6115

Brooke Point High School
Phone (540) 658-6080
SRO Taylor

Mountain View High School
Phone (540) 658-6840
SRO Rivera
Phoenix Center
Phone (540) 899-6000
SRO Powell




A.G. Wright Middle School
Phone (540) 658-6240
Sgt. J. Hinson
Dixon Smith Middle School
Phone (540) 899-0860
Sgt. J. Kyle
Drew Middle School
Phone (540) 371-1415
SRO Floriendo
Rodney Thompson Middle School
Phone (540) 658-6420
Sgt. Harrod
H.H. Poole Middle School
Phone (540) 658-6190
SRO Phillips
Shirley Heim Middle School
Phone (540) 658-5910
SRO Smihal
Stafford Middle School
Phone (540) 658-6210
SRO Chaves
T. Benton Gayle Middle School
Phone (540) 373-0380
SRO Powell
Sgt. J. Kyle
Sgt. J. Harrod
Sgt. J. Hinson
Anthony Burns Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6800
SRO Chaves
Margaret Brent Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6790
Sgt. Hinson
Conway Elementary School
Phone (540) 361-1455
SPO Sanchez
Anne E. Moncure Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6300
SPO Munoz
Falmouth Elementary School
Phone (540) 373-7458
SRO Floriendo
Park Ridge Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6320
SRO Phillips
Ferry Farm Elementary School
Phone (540) 373-7366
SPO Brown
Rockhill Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6360
Sgt. J. Hinson
Garrisonville Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6260
Sgt. J. Hinson
Rocky Run Elementary School
Phone (540) 286-1956
SPO Richmond
Grafton Elementary School
Phone (540) 373-5454
Sgt. J. Kyle
Stafford Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6340
SRO Chaves
Hampton Oaks Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6280
SRO Davis
Widewater Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6380
SRO Smihal
Hartwood Elementary School
Phone (540) 752-4441
SPO Bardon
Winding Creek Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6400
SRO Phillips
Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School
Phone (540) 658-6464
SRO Smihal


SPO Robert Bardon - Hartwood Elementary - Email:

SPO Kevin Brown - Ferry Farm Elementary - Email:

SPO Ron Richmond - Moncure Elementary - Emal:



Deputy T. Scoggins -

Deputy S. Davis -




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