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Florida Man Arrested on Fraud Charges in Stafford County
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By Public Information Officer M.C. MORRIS MONCURE
September 10, 2016

On September 9, 2016 at approximately 1645 hours, Stafford County Deputy C. L. McCormick responded to a Criminal Information Complaint at the Kargar Motors Car Dealership located at 3316 Jefferson Davis Highway. The employees advised that a young man and elderly female had come into the dealership earlier that day and the young male was attempting to purchase from them a $35,000.00 Jaguar. The man completed an online credit application and used the name Malachi Love-Robinson. The elderly female was listed as a co-signer on the credit application.

When Deputy McCormick interviewed the employees, he learned that while Mr. Love-Robinson and the elderly female were at the dealership, the employees there became suspicious of the situation due to some of the things Mr. Love-Robinson was saying. They googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud type charges in the State of Florida. The employees became more concerned because they felt Mr. Love-Robinson may be trying to fraudulently obtain the Jaguar and be stealing money from the elderly female he claimed to be his mother. The dealership told Mr. Love-Robinson that they would call him when his credit application was approved and he left the dealership.

Once Deputy McCormick had the information, the dealership called Mr. Love-Robinson and told him his credit had been approved to purchase the Jaguar. Mr. Love-Robinson returned to the dealership about thirty minutes later and began the process of purchasing the car. Deputy McCormick and Deputy Taylor had been waiting in a back room and then approached Mr. Love-Robinson and spoke with him. Malachi Love-Robinson told the deputies he had come to Virginia from the State of Florida to purchase a car for himself and another for his God-Mother who was with him. He stated she had agreed to co-sign the loan for the Jaguar he was going to purchase. He also admitted that he was out of jail on bond from the State of Florida for Practicing Medicine Without a License.

Deputies then spoke with the elderly lady that was with Mr. Love-Robinson. She advised that he was a distant relative of hers through her son’s wife etc., and he considered her to be his God-Mother. They asked if she felt she was in any danger or being taken advantage of and she stated she did not. They then questioned her as to her willingness to co-sign on the Jaguar. She advised she had no intentions of doing so. Deputy McCormick then showed her the credit application Mr. Love-Robinson had completed that had her information including her social security number listed on it. Her demeanor then changed and she stated she had not given permission to him to use her as a co-signer for this loan or any other. The car dealership as a favor to her ran her credit history and it was discovered there were two other loan applications submitted in the last couple days with her information on that she had not done. A check with her credit card company revealed there had been a $1200.00 charge the day before for two Ipad’s and a cell phone that she had not purchased. Mr. Love-Robinson had been bragging to the employees of the dealership earlier that day about two Ipad’s he had recently purchased. They were seized along with other items at the time of his arrest.

Detectives are currently investigating further leads in this case.

Mr. Love-Robinson was charged with the following offenses and is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail on no bond.

False Statements to Obtain Credit
Obtaining Money by False Pretenses
Identity Fraud

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