Juvenile Robbery
By PIO Ryan Wilbur
April 1, 2024

One Spotsylvania juvenile is detained after robbing another juvenile Thursday night.

On March 28th at 8:39 p.m. Deputy T.G. Croson and Deputy B.E. Vaughn responded to a report of a robbery. The 17-year-old advised he was attempting to sell shoes valued at $800. The victim was contacted by someone who was interested in buying the shoes and the two made plans to meet at Woodlot Court for the exchange. Instead, the suspect demanded the victim give the shoes up. When the victim refused, the suspect reached into his backpack and grabbed a firearm. The victim gave the shoes up and fled the scene. The victim and suspect were known to each other.

First thing Friday morning, detectives responded to the 14-year-old suspect’s residence and made contact with him. The suspect was found in possession of the stolen shoes. The shoes were turned over to detectives and entered into evidence. The suspect also admitted that the “firearm” used was actually a BB gun. Criminal complaints for robbery and possession of a firearm in commission of a felony were filed. He was subsequently detained at the Juvenile Detention Center. The investigation is ongoing.

Great work to both deputies and detectives for quickly identifying the robbery suspect. We encourage anyone of any age to use safe exchange zones when attempting to sell items. For Stafford County, this can be done at the Ford T. Humphrey Public Safety Building, located at 1225 Courthouse Road. For Spotsylvania County, this can be done at the Spotsylvania Public Safety Building, located at 9119 Dean Ridings Lane.