Project Lifesaver does it again
By PIO Ryan Wilbur
July 6, 2023

Project Lifesaver is an amazing program established to assist in locating individuals prone to wandering, for instance, those with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders. Since the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office has started using Project Lifesaver, everyone involved in the program has been safely located in a matter of minutes. Yesterday was no different.

At approximately 10:32 a.m. deputies responded to the Park Ridge Subdivision for a Project Lifesaver call. The caller advised their juvenile family member just ran out of the house and couldn’t be found. Deputies were quickly in the area looking for the individual and using Project Lifesaver technology. In under ten minutes, the missing juvenile was safely located by Traffic Safety Unit Volunteer Sergeant M.A. Seymour and reunited with his family.

Thank you to all the deputies who responded to assist. Those interested in signing a family member up for Project Lifesaver can visit our website at for more information.