Double Drugs During Court:
By PIO Ryan Wilbur
May 25, 2023

Two Stafford residents who showed up to court yesterday as witnesses will now have their own court case after bringing suspected controlled substances to the Courthouse complex.

On May 24th at approximately 1:33 p.m. Deputy M.A. Pearce was in General District Court preparing to testify when he observed someone in the audience that caught his eye. It was not because of her bright orange hair, but because she was showing signs of being under the influence of narcotics. Interested in what this woman’s story was, Deputy Pearce made contact with her. The female advised she was waiting to be a witness in a ten o’clock case. Considering she did not have a DeLorean or a TARDIS, it was safe to assume she missed it, as the afternoon docket was well underway.

Deputy Pearce attempted to locate the male he observed with the female suspect when she first arrived at the Courthouse. He wouldn’t have to wait long until the male came wandering over towards them. Deputy Pearce was unsurprised to observe the male displaying signs of being under the influence as well. Further investigation revealed suspected controlled substances in plain view within the vehicle they arrived in. There was even a double-bladed tomahawk covering up suspected controlled substances. A search of both suspects revealed the female had even more suspected controlled substances within her purse.

Many come to court to plead their drug charges down; however, these two left with additional charges of possession of controlled substances. Both were transported to Rappahannock Regional Jail where the male was held without bond, while the female was held on an unsecured bond.