Steak Stealing Suspect Spotted
By PIO Ryan Wilbur
May 4, 2023

Not reading about this larceny would be a huge mis-steak. And please, don’t grill us too harshly for our puns.

On May 2nd, just after lunch, Deputy D.J. Ferrell responded to Weis, located at 282 Deacon Road, for a not so well-done larceny. Store staff advised a man, did the unbeef-lievable and attempted to steal over $100 worth of steaks. Store staff decided to have a high steaks confrontation with the suspect. The sirloin seizer, made the rare choice to return the stolen steaks. The suspect then walked the few meaters to his vehicle to flee the scene. Luckily, he didn’t T-bone anyone on his way out. It was discovered the suspect had done this beef-ore on at least two other occasions. Deputy Ferrell must have felt like the cow who jumped over the moon when he identified the steak stealer. Deputy Ferrell obtained a warrant for shoplifting to be served when he is able meat up with the suspect.