Drunk Driver Detained after Aggressive Assault
By PIO Ryan Wilbur
August 11, 2022

An intoxicated Stafford man received multiple charges after assaulting deputies.

On August 10th at approximately 11:35 p.m. deputies were dispatched to a drunk driver complaint in the area of Carter Lane. The caller advised the driver, James Hudnall, 46, of Stafford, attempted to run them off the road and into a ditch. Deputies arrived at Hudnall’s residence and found him out back.

Hudnall had glassy, bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. He was also defensive and aggressive while talking to deputies. While deputies attempted to deescalate the situation, Hudnall stepped towards deputies in a fighting stance. When Deputy J.D. Hurt attempted to detain Hudnall, Hudnall fled.

Deputies J.D. Hurt and S.C. Jett were able to catch Hudnall, but he still resisted and attempted to run off again. While both deputies worked together to handcuff Hudnall, he kicked Deputy Jett multiple times.

When Hudnall was detained, he made multiple threats to Deputy Jett about hurting him further. Deputy Jett retained a calm demeanor and deescalated the situation until they arrived at the magistrate’s office. Once there, Hudnall apologized; however, that was short lived when he began yelling at the magistrate.

Hudnall was charged with felony driving under the influence third offense in five to ten years, felony simple assault on law enforcement, felony assault and battery on law enforcement, two counts of obstruction with force and aggressive driving. He was also served on a protective order for the victim he attempted to run off the road. He was held at Rappahannock Regional Jail pending his participation in a bond hearing.

Good job to both Deputy Jett and Deputy Hurt for staying calm and deescalating the situation.