Lockard Locked Up
By Major Shawn Kimmitz
April 7, 2022

A previous wanted of the week was arrested yesterday after our Special Problems Unit took a special interest in his case.

While reviewing the comments of a recent Facebook post about our warrants round up on Warrenton Road, the Special Problems Unit noticed someone hoped Michael Lockard would be picked up soon. You may recall Lockard was our “Wanted of the Week” back on March 3rd and had evaded our efforts until last night.

The Special Problems Unit did some surveillance yesterday and observed Lockard driving in the area of Hartwood Road and Stork Road. A traffic stop was conducted and Lockard was taken into custody. Lockard is now residing in the Rappahannock regional Jail without bond. His charges include abduction, assault and battery, strangulation, two protective order violations and a failure to appear.