K-9 Titan Apprehends Pursuit Suspect
By Major Christopher Kimmitz
February 15, 2022

The day may have belonged to Cupid, but K-9 Titan was the star of the night, assisting with another apprehension after a pursuit.

On February 14th at 9:10 p.m. Deputy F.C. O’Neill conducted a traffic stop of a Nissan Sentra in the 500 block of Warrenton Road after the driver disregarded a red traffic signal. The traffic stop started well as the driver was identified as Star Murphy, 52, of Stafford. Murphy explained he was late for a Valentine’s Day meeting, which led to the traffic infraction.

Murphy was instructed to exit the vehicle , but refused. Things rapidly escalated as Murphy muttered something unintelligible, put the Nissan in gear and sped away, initiating a pursuit. Murphy started northbound on Warrenton Road and repeated his behavior of disregarding traffic lights as he made a U-turn at the commuter lot. Murphy drove southbound on Warrenton Road at a high rate of speed and took the entrance ramp to I-95 south.

A rolling road block was attempted as Deputy R.S. Dominguez had joined the pursuit and moved in front of Murphy’s car. Instead of stopping, Murphy turned into Deputy O’Neill’s police car, damaging the passenger side. Murphy continued southbound on I-95 at over 100 mph and exited onto Route 3 and into Central Park on Carl D. Silver Parkway.

Murphy continued his reckless driving through Central Park and onto Bragg Road, going into oncoming lanes at times. Deputies attempted intentional vehicle contact several times to end the pursuit, but were unsuccessful. Murphy eventually struck a curb, launching his vehicle, like a FredNats foul ball, into the parking lot of FredNats Ballpark, disabling the vehicle.

Murphy again failed to give up. He exited the vehicle and began walking away. Murphy continued to dig into his pocket, leading deputies to believe he had a weapon. Despite a command that K-9 was about to be released, Murphy continued to dig in his pocket. As you probably deduced from the title of the press release, Sgt. B.U. Demirci released K-9 Titan to affect the apprehension. K-9 Titan was successful and Murphy was taken into custody.

Murphy was treated at the hospital for the dog bite and charged with eluding, obstruction, attempted aggravated malicious wounding, hit and run, reckless driving and the traffic light charges. Additional charges are pending based on items found in Murphy’s vehicle. He was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.