Revoked Driver Earns Jail Without Bond
By Major Shawn Kimmitz
September 11, 2020

First Sergeant W.T. Johnson attempted to stop a vehicle last night for a minor traffic violation which led to a 20-minute standoff and jail without bond for the driver.

On September 10th at approximately 9:45 p.m. First Sgt. Johnson witnessed a Ford Fusion make an illegal U-turn on Staffordboro Boulevard. The First Sergeant activated his emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver of the Ford failed to stop. Instead, the suspect slammed on his brakes and tried to enter the Staffordboro McDonald’s parking lot. The suspect was unable to negotiate the turn, ran over the curb and went back onto Staffordboro Boulevard.

The suspect continued to the intersection with Garrisonville Road and turned westbound. He then made a right turn into the McDonald’s entrance from Garrisonville Road and proceeded to drive completely around the fast food business with the First Sergeant in pursuit. As the suspect returned to the drive-thru side of the business, he briefly stopped and was ordered to show his hands. Instead, the suspect put the vehicle in reverse and backed toward the law enforcement vehicle. The suspect continued to reverse and eventually stopped in a parking space.

For the next twenty minutes, deputies attempted to reason with the suspect and have him show his hands. The suspect refused to comply with the simple instructions. After exhausting attempts to reason with the suspect, deputies approached the vehicle using a ballistic shield as cover. The suspect still refused to cooperate. Deputies utilized OC spray and were able to remove the suspect from the vehicle.

The suspect was identified as Eddie Rivers, III, 39, of Woodbridge. Rivers was charged with eluding, driving after forfeiture of license, obstruction and the original traffic infraction. He was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.