Stafford Deputy Assists Lost Driver
By Major Shawn Kimmitz
September 10, 2020

Deputy N.R. Stachurski of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office responded to what was initially dispatched as an unknown problem and was able to reunite the elderly driver with her family.

On September 9th at approximately 9:18 p.m. Deputy Stachurski was dispatched to an unknown problem near the intersection of Warrenton Road and Edison Lane. The only information provided was that an elderly driver was stopped in a turn lane and did not know where she was. Good Samaritans had contacted the Sheriff’s Office and assisted in moving the vehicle to the shoulder of the road.

Deputy Stachurski learned that the elderly female had stopped her car because she did not feel comfortable driving in the rain. She could not recall where she was coming from and did not know where she was going. The deputy was able to ascertain the phone number for the elderly driver’s daughter and made arrangements for her to pick up her mother.

Deputy Stachurski stayed with the elderly driver until the daughter was able to respond from Maryland.

Thanks to the care and compassion of the Good Samaritans and Deputy Stachurski, this elderly female was reunited with her family