Sheriff Decatur Recognizes Good Samaritans Who Aided Injured Pedestrian
By Public In Amanda Vicinanzo
August 21, 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, it is uplifting to hear stories of the Good Samaritans among us who go out of their way to stop and help a stranger in need.

Our deputies witnessed the powerful impact of Good Samaritans in our community on Saturday morning while responding to reports of a pedestrian that was struck by a car in the area of Garrisonville Road and Parkway Boulevard.

Thanks to the efforts of several Good Samaritans, the 65-year-old man who was struck is on the road to recovery. While responding to the scene, deputies learned that several Good Samaritans stopped and rendered first aid prior to their arrival. Unfortunately, they left the scene before we could obtain their information.

We would like to commend the exemplary actions of these Good Samaritans. It is also our hope that they will come forward and contact us, so that Sheriff Decatur can formally recognize them for their heroic deed.

“The selfless actions of these Good Samaritans is a testament to our strength as a community,” said Sheriff Decatur. “One kind deed often leads to another—and that is certainly the case here in Stafford County where our community members demonstrate daily their commitment to helping their neighbors. It is humbling to live and work in a community that places so much value on kindness.”