Arrest Made after Two Pursuits
By Public Information Officer M.C. MORRIS MONCURE
April 18, 2017

On April 15, 2017, at approximately 9:10 PM, Deputy B.A. Boyle was driving westbound on White Oak Road following a white Nissan GT-R displaying a license plate that returned to a 2013 silver Ford SUV. While behind the Nissan, the deputy observed a male driver resting his elbow on the open window frame. The driver was wearing a large white watch on his left wrist. Deputy Boyle initiated a traffic stop in the 600 block of White Oak Road. Immediately the vehicle accelerated at a very high rate of speed and continued westbound.

Deputy Boyle pursued the driver and the Nissan crossed double yellow lines, passed three vehicles and forced oncoming traffic off the road in an effort to evade law enforcement. Deputy Boyle lost visual contact as the vehicle turned right onto Deacon Road. Patrol units were given lookout information; however, the Nissan was not immediately located. Deputy Boyle then parked in a driveway on Brooke Road and extinguished all lights in his patrol car and waited. At approximately 9:40 PM the Nissan GT-R passed the driveway traveling northbound on Brooke Road. Deputy Boyle activated his emergency equipment, and another pursuit began. Continuous visual contact was limited due to Nissan’s excessive speed and the many curves on Brooke Road. The Nissan was soon located parked off the roadway on Rustic Ridge Road. The vehicle was found to be empty and the search for the driver began. The search through thick brush and entanglements was unsuccessful. The Nissan VIN revealed its registered owner who was subsequently contacted. Law enforcement was advised the Nissan had been recently sold to Gregory Jolly of Spotsylvania; also the registered owner of the 2013 silver Ford SUV.

A service request was sent to Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office to locate Mr. Jolly. Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the residence on Cedar Post Lane where Mr. Jolly was located and detained. When Deputy Boyle arrived at the home, Mr. Jolly explained he had earlier been at Rick’s on the River in Fairview Beach when his vehicle was carjacked at gunpoint by a masked man. This unknown assailant was driving during both pursuits. When the car stopped on Rustic Ridge Road, the gunman instructed him to run. After he ran, he then hitchhiked back to his Spotsylvania residence. Deputy Boyle noted through the entire carjacking ordeal Mr. Jolly never once attempted to contact law enforcement or to remove his large white watch.

As the investigation continued, it was also discovered that Mr. Jolly had a juvenile male passenger in the vehicle during both pursuits. Gregory Cameron Jolly, age 45 of Cedar Post Lane in Spotsylvania, VA., was charged with two counts of Felony Eluding, two counts of Reckless Driving, Altering License Plates, Failure to Obey Traffic Lights, Failure to Obtain Vehicle Registration and Improper Display of License Plates. Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to gratefully acknowledge the important support of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with this incident.

Gregory Cameron Jolly - Booking Photo
Gregory Cameron Jolly - Booking Photo